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Handmade tote handbag - my own design - Burberry style bag

 Handmade tote handbag - my own design - Burberry style bag
Whatabout ye folks, it's Lee here.  This bag did not start out this all, lol. But I wanted to share it anyway because although the original bag was an incredibly big failure, I think it's important to show how you can turn a failure into something usable.  Now, it is by no means perfect in any shape or form, but this process taught me so, so much in the bag designing and making realm that I thought I'd share it with you anyway.

 I previously told you that I was working on another couple of designs for bags.  And one of them did not turn out correctly or anywhere near how I wanted it to.  Let me tell you, this bag designing thing is not simple or easy, teehee.  But I had already added hardware to the front body piece and made up the inside pockets etc., so I wanted to salvage the hardware and fabric I had used in the hope of making them into a useable bag.  So, with "Tempest my Temper Tool" in hand (this is what I call my seam ripper, teehee), I took apart my failure of a bag and tried my best to salvage everything, the best I could.  Now, this bag is not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but I can just about get away with it, lol.  I decided to try and change it into a good sized tote.  As this bag ended up being a botched job of a previous bag, it is a bit higgledy piggledy.  However, I learned a tonne from making this bag and will be able to perfect it on the next one for sure.  And I think the overall shape and design is definitely something I can work with and produce another bag similar to it but without all the higgledy piggledy messes.
I think this bag looks very Burberry-esque with that gorgeous tartan fabric and brown faux leather.  Not that I think my bag is as beautiful as a Burberry bag.  But the look gives it those vibes, lol. 
And the wee pocket on the front with the golden bee lock and the gold and black hardware really suits this bag.  They go perfectly with the fabrics I used.
The pocket on the front is perfect for storing your mobile phone.  I know it doesn't look like I aligned the pocket fabric with the main body, but it actually does line up pretty perfectly.  I am just tugging on the pocket which is distorting it.  But I was pretty chuffed with my lining up of the lines.
The bag has lovely, long, sturdy handles, perfect for throwing over your shoulder or arm.  But I also made an adjustable, crossbody strap for it too.  You can simply hook it onto the metal hardware, hooking onto either opposite side and then it can become a crossbody bag.  You don't need to worry about holding it or keeping it on your shoulder.  I added a recessed zipper closure to keep the bag secure.
I kept the zip nice and long and added a wee gold zipper cap to the end.  If you do not want the zip showing on the outside, it can simply be tucked down the inside of the bag.
Ultimately, the inside fabric does not go with this bag at all.  I really should have used a cream or possibly red fabric inside.  This is where my previous bag failures are very apparent with my mix of fabrics on the inside.  But because I was just trying to save and salvage the botched bag, I just grabbed whatever fabric I had enough of to line the bag.  If I was making this for someone else, I would definitely match the inside fabrics better on the next one.  But I am the one using this bag, so it doesn't matter to me really.  I added a red zip to compliment the red in the tartan fabric. It's a really great sized pocket with plenty of space.
I love the pockets I added to this bag along with my usual little key fob to keep my keys safe and accessible.  Again, this pocket is placed maybe a wee bit low, but it still works and I know how to fix it for my next bag.  For it to be a bit of a botched bag, I managed to make the lining fit the bag pretty well.  And although the blue maybe doesn't quite suit the bag, there is little streaks of red throughout the blue fabric, so it's not a complete mismatch.  But the next one I make will definitely have more of a complimentary fabric on the inside.
This back pocket is way too high up on this bag but again, I was trying to make the best of the messy bag I'd made and this is where this pocket ended up.  The next bag will have a much better placed pocket, a bit lower down the back of the bag.  I like to add a pocket that is on the back of a bag and is ultimately up against your body.  It just feels like a secure pocket to hold items in.  
I absolutely adore the hardware that I used on this bag.  It really and truly elevates the bag from a simple tote to a stunning tote.  And although it wasn't the bag that I started out making, I am glad that I tried to salvage what I could.  I think the bag is pretty and functional and looks great.  But the next one I make will not have all my silly mistakes on it, teehee.......or so I think anyway, lol.

Well that's the end of this dodgy looking bag, lol.....let's see if my next design that I've been working on manages to turn out right.....or will I be back here again, sharing my failures?  Teehee.

Toodles Noodles......Lee aka Crafty Loops xx

At the time of typing, the items I linked to are available.  However, items stock changes all the time, some items where bought on auction sites and with time marching by, some items I link may no longer be available from that particular seller.  However, a quick Google search should help you out if my links are no longer working/available.

Bag pattern - I made it!  So, there is no pattern to actually buy - sorry, lol.  
Teflon non-stick foot, Amazon - for sewing machine.  Works great when working with faux leather.  This foot works perfectly with my Janome QXL605 sewing machine
Jeans Needle - Amazon
Personalised, handmade stamp - Stampingallday
5& 1/2 inch Kai Scissors - Christie's Craft Shop, Ebay
Lining fabric - This is vintage cotton fabric that I purchased from a private seller on Ebay, Jeff Banks, Port of call from Moygashel
A3 Craft Foam - Amazon (used for extra stability in the bag's base to provide more rigidity and shape)
Gold coloured metal strap ends - Amazon
Gold coloured Chicago screws - Amazon

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