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Handmade Handbag/Purse Faux Leather Tassel and dangle Charm

 Handmade Handbag/Purse Faux Leather Tassel and Dangle Charm
Whatabout ye Folks, it's Lee here.  This is just a real quick wee post with probably more photos than is absolutely necessary, lol.  When I made our wee Mamma, the Passion Flower Tote from Blue Calla Patterns on YouTube, I wanted to make a faux leather tassel and bag charm to spruce it up a wee bit.  Not that it needed it, but I think the bag looks cute with them on either side.  
To make the tassel, I just used some of the left over faux leather fabric that I had from making the bag.  
The dangle charm was simply made using a piece of chunky chain I had in my stash. And I made these wee charmy, dangle bits and added them to the chain using split rings.  These are beads that I have had in my stash for years and years, so unfortunately I don't have a shopping link for you.  But even if you have old, broken costume jewellery hanging about, it's perfect to take apart and make a dangle charm with.  
They can both be added to one side of the bag....
Or just add one to each side of the bag.
And that's it from me folks.  See you on the next one.
Toodles Noodles......Lee aka Crafty Loops xx

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