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Calling All Bloggers................I NEED your Help!!

EDIT.....Just letting you know.....I found it (Jan 2014!). Yes its taken me 2 whole years to find, almost to the day in fact.  But I finally found this die on Ebay.  I did have to pay considerably more than what my American Kin would have....but it was worth it to me and that is all that matters.  And it will hold its value, no doubt as its a rare die.  I can't wait to start making flowers now.  Thank you to everyone who initially left comments and tried to help me out on this one.

Hi Folks.  Ok its not as dramatic as the title sounds but I do need your help.  I am trying to find a die that is no longer in production but I REALLY want it.  I have written to Sizzix and asked them do they happen to have one lying about somewhere just sitting on a shelf or in a bottom drawer somewhere and sadly.............they do not.  And yes, I actually did ask them did they have one lying about on a shelf or in the bottom of a drawer somewhere......I have no shame, lol.  And So I am asking all of you if you know of a shop that has one or someone you know who has one and doesnt want it who would kindly sell it to me?

The die is a bigz die and it has 3 flowers on it with 8 petals on each flower.  Its called Hello kitty Daisies and its Sizzix product number is 655796.

Can you help me?  Anyone?  Im really wanting to get my hands on this die.  So if anyone is able to help me I would greatly appreciate it.

Bye for now folks and thank you in advance......just in case someone can help!

Toodles Noodles, Loops xx

Edit.......PeeJay found the photo on sissix outlet store but sadly its outta stock.........heres what it looks like

Hello Kitty Daisies

ANOTHER EDIT...........Thanks Kati but its in Australia and for $37!  Way out of my price range Im afraid. If I could get it from the UK that would be great or even USA providing it doesnt cost an arm and a leg!


  1. Can't help you with that one I'm afraid. Just had a looksee and you've been really busy lately. Love the pins xx

  2. Hi Lee

    Sorry .. .. I don't have that one but have one with 10 petals that you can see here

    Is it anything like this? Not that I want to sell mine .. .. I lurve it!!!

    Good luck with your search.

    Love Jules xx

  3. Sorry Lee... Can't help you with ths one..
    Christine x

  4. Sorry, never seen it Lee!
    Dawn xx

  5. no sorry here too seems we are all missing this one.

  6. Is it this one?

    If not, could we have a bit more of a clue as to what it might look like - ie. what type of flower-ish?

  7. Hey girl, do you know the name of the die? So it would be easier searching it... maybe I can help cause a friend of mine sells Dies and Stuff but I need to know the name - maybe you could write me a short message over at

    Hugs, Elisa

  8. Hi Lee,

    hope you can find it here:


  9. Hi Lee

    I have sent a email to someone i know who as a large craft shop to see if they have this i know she as lot's of dies in her shop,i will let you know when i get a reply
    Hugs Dianne xx :)

  10. Never seen this range before, kinda cute though :-D Is this any good for you, I'm guessing you've trawled ebay already???

    What about putting a search on ebay for it, then if one gets listed I think you get a notification??

  11. Oh boy.. I have looked for this one to, and to no avail. Sorry, but wishing you good luck in finding one anyways! ~tina

  12. So good So cute !! Wonderful article post.

  13. Sorry Lee, I have googled, ebay'd, even asked Jeeves all to no avail. I will keep a look out in any craft shops I visit though incase thay have any lurking about. Love Jayne. x x

  14. oh my goodness thats a challenge and a half eh ?? sorry cannot help as do not own a dye cutting machine but if I am out and about and I see one I will let you know ... good luck with your hunt honey ... happy crafting and love sandy xx

  15. awwww... I have no clue about the dies.. Its not available in India.. :(

    I wish you get it soon..!

  16. Hope you find one soon - isn't it cruel to have something you NEED so much but can't find it :(
    Good luck on your search and please let us know if you find one :)

    Carol x

  17. Sorry Lee, I don't have it but will keep an eye open for you. Maddy x

  18. Some of the hello kitty range is cute, not that I can stand that silly cat.
    I will keep my eye out, but failing that, the flower on this one is similar, though obviously you would only get one size.

    I assume it would be a long standing flower you would use, as if it were for a one off type thing, I could probably have figured out how to cut you some on eclips using scal.

  19. Sorry Lee I haven't seen them anywhere, but I regularly trawl ebay for bargains so if I see one I will let you know. A little off topic but I love the way you write your posts, they always make me smile
    Lindsay xx

  20. I an offer the next one in sequence which is on offer here of it helps :

    B x


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