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Altered Frames - And a quick how to...

Altered Frames - And a quick how to... Altered Frames Hello Folks.  Well did you get over the trauma of watching all those Bookbinding Videos? lol. Have any of you had a go at making one yet?  If you have, let me know so I can have a wee gander at them. A few people of Youtube did have a go and they have done an incredible job at making them.  I was so chuffed to bits. Im so sorry there were so many videos.  There was only meant to be 5 videos in all but as I said, Youtube had a major glitch in their system last week where hundreds of people couldn't upload over 15 minutes of video.  And as we didn't know how long all this would last, I had to go back in and cut a couple of the videos into Parts A and B.  It was a bit of an annoyance but as far as Ive heard, YT have fixed the glitch!  Time will tell. Anyway, I wanted to show you a few things Ive been up to.  I bought these wee frames in Poundland. Obviously, going by the name of the shop.......they were only £1 each.  So

Tutorial - How to make a Pinboard (See altered Box in previous post for Pin Board)

Tutorial - How to make a Pinboard (See altered Box in previous post for Pin Board) Here is the pin board I made for an altered Box.  Allo, Allo my lovely friends.  Don't know what the Allo Allo' is about........that show just popped in to my head and I was having a little giggle to myself at that saying! If only you could live in my head for a day, heehee.  Not that I ever saw the show as I was too young but I did catch the odd glimpse of a rerun every so often. Anyway, enough of my randomness!  Aye right, like that will ever happen.  As promised, I said I would show you all how I made the pin board from the altered Steampunk box in the previous post.  This can be made to ANY size you want.  I just happened to make this one small for a box, but if you want a big one for your wall or a small one for a book, this tutorial will suit all sizes of pin boards.  The same techniques and instructions apply. Now as this was such a small pin board, the padding in it is actually

Altered Chocolate Box - Steampunk Box Nature meets Industry

Altered Chocolate Box - Steampunk Box Nature meets Industry Steampunk Altered Chocolate Box Well, whatabout ye folks.  Me again back to fill your minds with more of my nonsense, lol.  Today I want to show you another altered chocolate box I made. was Easter recently remember!  So I got a box of choccies from no I am not a complete gorbyguts!  Well......maybe just a bit when it comes to chocolate but anywho, Im not counting the calories so neither should you, lol.  Anyway calories don't count if its a special occasion like Easter, Christmas, my birthday, Our Anniversary.....everyone  else's Anniversaries, other peoples birthdays........Monday's, Tuesday's, Wednesday's........... are you getting the picture?  Heehee. Anywhoodles, I am doing a Altered Box Swap with a fellow Youtuber and friend, Vikkie from Norway.  Well no she is from England but now lives in beautiful Norway.  We decided an altered box swap would be the perfect

Life in an Altered Tray - Mixed Media altered tray

Life in an Altered Tray - Mixed Media altered tray Altered Tray Good morning my little Loopy Loo's.  And how are we this fine Tuesday morning?  I've been up to me old altering tricks again.  My poor long suffering Scrubby cant bring anything into the house now without me trying to knick it and claim it as something I can alter, heehee.  Apparently "Not everything needs altered or distressed"....according to Scrubby!  "Such blasphemy"....I protest! And I'm not one bit ashamed to say that my cat was put out last night covered in sparkly glitter.  Yep, that's what happens when you rudely interrupt me mid flower glittering! And she......Nimbus our cat that is, was very impatient and was doing the cat equivalent to a funny little gig you do when you're bursting for the loo, that she didn't give me the time to wash the glitter off my hands.....face, arms, hair.....and all over my clothes.  So, she was scooped up into my glittery arms,