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My Giveaway Rules

Everyone loves a good Giveaway, and I always love to give away crafty goodies as a thank you to those who follow my blog.  I'm not big on rules really.....I'm usually the one breaking them, teehee.  But I do require a few simple things for my Giveaway.

1)  Be a Follower (please see info below about this),
2)  Leave a comment on the particular Giveaway post,
3)  Anyone can enter, old followers, new followers, home grown and International.  Everyone is welcome to enter provided you adhere to the above 2 rules.  (Please see info below for more details).
4)  Be aged 18 and over. 

These rules, although simple, have some particular stipulations which I deem as perfectly reasonable to ask.  So here we go, please read carefully:-

I wish I didn't have to state this, but those that are "Prize Poachers" will not be welcome to join these giveaway's, and I will be checking you out.  Also those people who join blogs for a giveaway, only to disappear when they don't win are also not included.  I'm sorry to be harsh but its not fair on my regular and loyal followers.  If you happen to win and then un-follow my blog after you receive your prize, I will take a note of your name and blog and you'll be on my "Bad Blogger Blacklist"......Oh yes......I have one of those, Mwahhhhh!

New followers are more than welcome......provided you are a genuine follower.  I want this to be fair for everyone who does stick around therefore, I want genuine followers. 

There is no need to advertise or promote my Giveaway's and no need to add it to your blogs or sidebars.  There is no need to share on Facebook or Twitter or any other Social Media Platform (unless stated otherwise on a particular type of Giveaway).  I am the one doing the Giveaway and asking you to be a follower of my Blog and leave a comment therefore I don't think you should be jumping through hoops in order to enter my Giveaway's.  This is only my personal opinion on how I do my giveaways and is not meant to offend anyone who does their Giveaway's differently from mine.  But for my Giveaways, you only need to be a Follower and leave a comment below the Giveaway (subject to change if something else is required for a specific kind of Giveaway.  In this instance, the rule for that Giveaway will state any addendum of these rules).

My Giveaway's are always open to everyone, local and Internationally (unless stated otherwise) so anyone home or abroad can enter.  Just follow the simple rules above.

Once I announce the winner you will be given 5 days from that date to claim your prize.  If you don't claim it within that time, I'm sorry but I cannot wait around for you to contact me.  A new name will be redrawn and the prize given to the new winner.  And if you don't claim your prize within the 5 days stated please, no sob story emails telling me how your Great-Uncles parrot escaped from its cage and you were attempting a rescue mission by camping out in the woods, away from civilisation and an internet connection, tirelessly searching for Great-Uncle Henry's talking Parrot....Philip (I'm just making this up as I go now, lol) and you were unable to see that you won.  5 days is adequate time to get back to me and if not....a prize name will be redrawn.  That's just how I do it here.  So please respect my right to redraw if you don't get in touch.

If you are a winner, please know that I do not share your personal details with anyone and I will never send you spam emails.  I will use your personal information for the sole purpose of sending you your giveaway items and, that is it.  So, other than me and the Post else will have access to your personal information.


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