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Boronia Bag - Blue Calla Patterns - Handmade Tim Burton handbag/purse

 Boronia Bag - Blue Calla Patterns - Handmade Tim Burton handbag/purse
Whatabout ye folks, it's Lee here.  I realise that my blog may look like it's turning into a bag making blog, but I promise it isn't.....I'm going through a phase, teehee.  Maybe I should maybe think about making another blog for just my sewing projects.  But, I suppose, this is a crafting blog and I never like to stick to one thing only.  I like to learn tonnes of different crafts, it keeps things interesting.
Anyway, I told you that I was making another one of the Blue Calla Patterns Boronia Bags.  I am a big Tim Burton fan and as soon as I saw this Tim Burton characters fabric on Craftyjam on Ebay, I knew I had to make a handbag from it.  Looks like the whole gang is here on this fabric, lol.  And the Boronia pattern is perfect because you actually don't need a massive length of the main body fabric at all. I only bought a 1/2 metre and I got all the pattern pieces needed with some to spare.  So, I didn't mind spending a wee bit more than I usually do, on this fabric.  Plus, it's 100% cotton and so unusual.  I knew I had to buy it as this type of fabric is pretty rare to find in the UK.....that's my excuse, and I'm sticking to it, lol.  
And when I saw this perfect black & white fabric from the lovely Agnes over at Fabricco on Ebay, I instantly knew it would be perfect for the inside of the bag.  If that doesn't scream Tim Burton, I don't know what does.  I feel like Beetlejuice is gonna pop out of this bag at any moment, teehee.  This fabric is 100% cotton too (not a polycotton blend) so it was a complete dream to work with.  Lovely and thick and soft.  Perfect for this bag.  Plus, Agnes is local to me in Northern Ireland too.  I always love to support local businesses when I can.  I'm really starting to see the benefits of working with really good quality fabrics.  When I started sewing, I thought any old cotton blend fabric at the cheapest price would do for just about any project.  But definitely as time has gone on and I've worked with better fabrics, I am really seeing what spending just a wee bit more on quality fabrics does for your projects.  Not that anything I buy is that terribly expensive anyway...your woman here likes a bargain like the best of us.  But there is a lot to be said about buying better quality products to make your projects with.  
And I actually managed to use the proper sized No. 5 Zipper tape this time on this bag.  It made such a difference when putting the bag together.  Much easier than pfaffing about like I did with the last 2 bags (Bag 1 & 2), trying to make a size 3 zipper tape wide enough to fit the bag, lol. And definitely use your zipper foot when adding the zip in too, it's such a big help.
I just love how this bag opens out with the double zip and how wide it opens.  And I used the outside fabric on the divided slip pockets. My phone slips perfectly in there with room on the other pocket to add a few pens, lipstick etc.  And look at that base!  I even managed to align my stripes up pretty well. They aren't perfectly perfect but they are pretty damn close....we'll just say it's another "Leeism" and leave it at that, lol.
Of course, I added a zip pocket to the inside of the bag and I used the outer fabric again as the inside pocket fabric plus I added my wee handmade stamp label.  I just use archival ink and stamp my personal stamp onto some natural or white cotton fabric. Once the ink is dry, I give it a quick wee iron just to help seal the ink into the fabric.  I leave plenty of room to double it up and sew around it to make it into a little rectangle label with all my details on it.  Just a note though, I add the zipper pocket differently from the pattern.  I add it the way Debbie Shore shows on all her bag tutorials.  It uses less fabric and interfacing and I think it is a much easier way of adding the zip pocket.  But this is just my opinion.  You add yours any way you like.
The side gussets have the outside and inside fabric on either side.  When working with faux leather or vinyl, please get yourself a teflon, non-stick foot for your sewing machine.  You will not believe how much it will help you with using this type of material.  When I didn't use it, I really struggled with the faux leather.  So 100%, buy a teflon, non-stick foot for your machine.  I purchased just a generic one from Amazon (listed below) and it only cost me a few Pounds but it saved me a whole lot of hassle and bad me, lol.
.Just be aware that when you cut your pattern, the faux leather is left with the raw edges exposed on this bag.  So, along the front and top sides of the bag, you need to ensure you cut your faux leather perfectly, as per the pattern.  Any frayed or dodgy cutting will be apparent on your bag.  My faux leather has a greyish backing on it and I didn't want that to be seen along the edges of my leather.  So, I took a black sharpie marker and just went along the raw edges of the parts of the fabric that would be visible.  That way it looked uniform in colour and the grey raw edges wouldn't be apparent. I know you can buy leather edging paint to do this but it can be pretty expensive and why spend precious money when a sharpie does the same job, lol.  

And that's another the bag........ughh!  I'm sorry, that was terrible, teehee.  I thoroughly enjoyed making this bag.  And I can't wait to use it out somewhere.  I am not sure what I'll be up to next.  I kind of have an idea of something I want to try next but it's a biggish enough project and as I've never made it before, it may take me a while to do it. Although, it seems like everything I've been making lately has been pretty much a first time.  That's the joys with learning to sew new's new every time, lol.
Toodles Noodles....Lee aka Crafty Loops xx

At the time of typing, the items I linked to are available.  However, items stock changes all the time and with time marching by, some items I link may no longer be available from that particular seller.  However, a quick Google search should help you out if my links are no longer working/available.
5& 1/2 inch Kai Scissors - Ebay (These are the best scissors I have ever used in my life.  They may be small but they can cut through anything....including my finger....ask me how I know....oops!)
Monochrome, black & white fabric100% Cotton - Fabricco, Ebay
Faux Leather, black - Ebay
Jeans Needles - Amazon
Metal bag feet - Amazon
Bosal In-R-Form Plus double sided Fusible Foam Stabiliser - bought on Ebay
Teflon non-stick foot, Amazon- for sewing machine.  Works great when working with faux leather.  This foot works perfectly with my Janome QXL605 sewing machine
Woven Fusible Interfacing - (I used the black, lightweight this time around) - Ebay
Personalised, handmade stamp - Stampingallday

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  1. another stunning bag Lee, you really have a talent for these, love the stripes so well joined up lol xx


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