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Diamond squared handmade Quilt

Diamond squared handmade Quilt
Diamond squared quilt pattern, from Jordan Fabrics on YouTube

What about ye folks, it's Lee here. Welcome back and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!. 

This is a big one for me as a novice sewer because I've never made anything this technical or difficult before. But the free pattern that I got from Jordan Fabrics and their fantastic video on YouTube made making it simple. The cutting out probably took longer than the actual sewing. Donna Jordan is an incredible teacher when it comes to breaking down intricate patterns and making them easy to sew for beginners like me. I never thought in my wildest dreams that I'd be able to make a quilt this detailed and geometrically intricate. But I'm overjoyed with the end result.

This is the quilt in natural light.  I love the colour and these gorgeous fabrics
This is the size, on my king sized bed.  Its probably a double sized quilt.
The quilt is made using fat quarters.  
I love the design it made.  My favourite so far....even though it's only my 3rd quilt ever teehee.  And even though I'm a novice sewer, the tutorial and instructions were fantastic and made it easy for me to make.  Thanks Donna!

This was a Christmas gift for my wee Mamma and she absolutely loved it. She's lucky that she was able to pry it from my hands because this was a hard quilt to let go of, lol. And it was all made from fat quarters. Now mine didn't quite turn out as big as Donna's pattern as the packs of fat quarters I used were a wee bit shorter in length. But it still made a sizeable quilt, I'd say, a double sized quilt. 

I love the blue colours and the pattern it made. Who knew sewing long strips of fabric together could make such beautiful shapes. 

Well that's it from me folks. See you in the next one. 
Toodles Noodles.... Lee....aka Crafty Loops xx

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  1. What a beautiful quilt and such a lovey pattern and fabrics, no wonder it was hard to hane to Mum lol, Wishing you a happy Christmas and best wishes for 2021 good health, happy sewing and lots more nice quilts.
    Tilly x

    1. Thank you Tilly. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and let's keep our fingers crossed that 2021 is a better year for everyone. lee xx


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