Saturday, 27 December 2014

My First Patchwork Quilt

Don't look at it too closely!  It's my first attempt at anything like this and only my 2nd ever sewing be gentle with me.  It's a bit wibbly wobbly and not the straightest looking of quilts.....but its handmade with love which excuses me from all flaws and mistakes made....teehee
Do you remember a few months ago I showed you my first ever sewing project?  It was a Halloween costume for my sister that I made a couple of years ago, a Dorothy Gale dress with a pair of sparkly ruby slipper.  Well, that was my first attempt at sewing anything.  And I honestly mean that.  I didn't even know how to turn on a sewing machine or thread it....but I still managed to make my sisters dress by learning as I went.....thank goodness for YouTube!  So since I was able to do that, I thought to myself, "Why not try something that experienced, well established sewers do, something that has taken them many hours of sewing and years to master as my second project" and that was, make a patchwork quilt!

What was I thinking, lol??  Who did I think I was....Martha Stewart?  So my sister seeing that I took to sewing and could sorta, kinda do it (even though up until that point of making her Halloween costume I'd never so much as sewn a tea towel before) made a request that I make her a patchwork quilt for her 21st Birthday!!!  And what did numpty here say (obviously full of great confidence in her non-existent sewing abilities!), "Yes of course wee sister, I can do that no problem".  So I bought the fabric, watched loads of tutorials on YouTube from incredibly experienced sewers like The Missouri Star Quilt Company, Whitney Sews and Gourmet Quilter to name but a few.  And after watching these wonderfully talented ladies do tutorials on how to make quilts, I was confident that I could make T a quilt for her 21st Birthday.

But then life took over, T's 21st birthday came and went, Family life was hectic, my Brother got married and I did all his stationery and wedding "Stuff", we did up my craft room which took me over a year to do (and its still not completely done).....yadda yadda yadda.  And my little sewing machine sat un-touched.........for 2 and a half years!!!! read that correctly!  T is now 23 years & 8 months old and is only now getting her quilt, teehee.  Don't worry, I did get her other Christmas this is not the most amazing looking quilt ever made, teehee.

Don't judge me!  I know, I'm a terrible sister!  But you know how it is, life takes've only ever made one other sewing project in your life etc,.......and a quilt was a bit daunting.  I'll say it again.....WHAT WAS I THINKING??  But, finally I made it!  YIPPEE!!!!  It took me forever, but I made it.  I'm not quite sure it was really worth the extremely long wait mind you, lol.  I should have started with a simplier design and tried a rag quilt first, but oh no, I had to make a patchwork quilt.  My craft space is tiny, my sewing machine is very small, my walking foot wouldn't walk (I think I bought the wrong foot for my machine!), I didn't pin enough, iron at all, use adhesive spray and despite all that, I managed to make a double bed sized quilt (its a bit smaller than a double) with absolutely no sewing experience at all.  Obviously with said skill levels being, well zero, the quilt inevitably has flaws.  In fact it probably has more flaws than redeeming features.  Therefore, it was destined to look like ....... well ................. this.........  Please be gentle with me.......This is only my 2nd ever sewing project.

I didn't take any photo's of the back, sorry.  But its just plain old red fabric.   I even quilted the thing too.....boy was that a hilarious experience that had me in tears of frustration!!  Just a "stitch in the ditch" quilting technique which was harder than I many times can I reiterate that this was only my 2nd ever sewing project??  I sewed all the squares together, then sewed them into rows until it was one big piece, did white with red polka dot boarder, then the wadding and backing.  Quilted the whole sandwich of materials together and then lastly did the red binding around the edges.
And here is my wee sister, T on Christmas morning all wrapped up in her Christmas present, making a silly face as always.....well she is my sister after all.  And she even said that the quilt was her favourite Christmas present, after apologising to everyone else and saying she still loved their presents of course, lol.  Mind you I did have to warn her that if she saw any straggler bits of thread, not the pull them but cut them off as one good tug on a stray thread and the whole thing might end up in little squares again.
OK, so it's not the most offensive looking quilt ever.  I like to call it the "Monet Quilt"........looks nice from afar but go and look at it up close and personal and its just a jumbled mess of colour, teehee.  It's a bit lumpy and misshaped, the binding is atrocious and the back of it....well don't even ask me about the sewing on the back.  Notice there is no photographic evidence of the back of it?  Yeah, there's a reason for looks awful, lol.  But you know what, its handmade with more sisterly love than you could ever imagine.  It's certainly unique that's for sure.  And it was made for my wee sister from the heart.  And considering it was my 2nd ever sewing project (ahem, did I mention that already?), I am pretty damn pleased with myself.  Mind you, I think I need to master the simple sewing projects now like table runners and placemats, before tackling another one of these bad boys, teehee.  Mind you, knowing me I will most likely take on some other ridiculously complicated project all because I've seen a YouTube video and I think to myself "I can do that".

That's it from me for now folks.  I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas.  We had a smaller than usual Christmas this year......only 18 for dinner!!  Yes ONLY 18!!  And a 27lb Turkey.....nommy noms.  That is a small year for us, lol.  I have a very big family needless to say.

Toodles Noodles........Loops xx


  1. This is amazing, so gorgeous, Well done you. Merry Christmas, xxx

  2. It looks perfect to me, Lee! Anything made with love is a treasure. Merry Christmas!

  3. Lee it's Gorgeous............. and much better than my first attempt lol......Your sister will always treasure it because of all the love sewn into every stitch for sewing is never perfect,
    I always insist that if you want perfect.go and buy it (and it's not always) but if you want a gift made with love, just for you.... here it is!
    Some of my friends send their quilts away to be 'quilted' I want mine to be all mine....not to win awards. so I stitch in the ditch or a wavy stitch to try and hide mistakes.......
    I don't seek perfection, I enjoy the making for that one person and sew with love and good wishes.
    Have a wonderful new year
    Tilly x
    I hope you put your name and date on the back for future generations to admire!

  4. Only your 2nd quilt? Never! Take a huge pat on the back. Quilters have a saying. They always make a mistake on purpose and sew it into the quilt because only God is perfect. I have been making the same quilt for the past 30yrs and it is still only in block form. One day it will get finished. You definitely must sign and date it too. Hugs Mrs A.

    1. Hi Mrs A! No, this is actually my first quilt ever.....its my second ever sewing project. But the first quilt, lol. I forgot about signing and dating the quilt but I need to get that done. Thanks for commenting Mrs A. I hope you had a lovely Christmas. Lee xx

  5. WOW! Well done you! I'm sure your sister will treasure it forever it'll turn out to be a family heir loom, mistakes and all. I think if I did it as a seriously stitching newbie, it would be my second and LAST project lol. At least you had the courage to stand up and do so well done girl. I cant wait to see what you come up with next hahaha xx

  6. Oh my goodness you made a quilt for your second sewing project . Wow that is really impressive. AND it turned out wonderful! Way to go!

  7. Crikey Lee - what a way to throw yourself in at the deep end! You had the courage to do it and although it is not perfect it was made with loads of love and that is awesome and impressive! Can't wait to see you blogging again huni have missed your awesome humour and word play! Happy Christmas to you and yours Karen xx

  8. Blooming brilliant! I bet Tara was absolutely thrilled. Well done Lee, it is gorgeous. Love maddy x

  9. Your wee brother will probably want one for his upcoming 27th birthday...

    1. Seriously? You want one? I asked you did you want one and you said no. I'll gladly make you one......but even you are hoping that I'll have it made by your next birthday. It took me nearly 4 years to make this one, lol. But I will gladly make you one. Lee xx


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