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How to make a soft cover wrap around book

How to make a soft cover wrap around book
Doth my eyes deceive me?  Is that a Crafty Loops blog post I see?  Yes, yes I can hear you all from here, lol.  But finally, my gas heating is now installed.  Yippeeeeee!  Which means my house was turned upside down and there was dust and dirt that would make the Sahara Desert blush!  Our attic had to be emptied because we needed new loft insulation, which meant the majority of my house sat in the back garden whilst the work was carried out.  Who knew we had so much crap up there!  Out of sight, out of mind definitely applies to my attic.

As if having our house turned upside down and sitting in my back garden wasn't enough, there of course needed to be a little drama added to the mix - this is the Loops Household after all.   When the guys were installing the new gas pipes in the attic, one of them slipped and his leg came thundering through the roof!  Scrubby Loops said all he could see was a leg dangling from the hall ceiling.  Then another guy nearly went through the front door after an "electrical mishap".  I tell ya, it was just as well that I spent the day with my parents, because Scrubby Loops said I would have been chasing them around the house telling them off every two minutes, teehee.  They weren't even in the back door that morning and I was warning one guy about smoking, teehee.  It was ok though, he gave off to himself too and chastised himself for really, I was only agreeing with him....mwahhh!

Anywho, it is finally done and the house is back to some semblance of order, much to fur baby's delight.....Nimbus does not like having strangers in her house, particularly 15 burly big builders.  So once they were finally finished and gone, she spent the next few days jumping at the new gas boiler noise and scenting each and every corner she could rub her face in.  She's such a wee weirdo!  Well they do say pets take after their owners.   My craft room is now finished....STAND UP AND SING "WOOWHOO" WITH ME.  Well, its almost done, it's sitting in the layout I want and everything is organised in its allocated spot.  But we want to put wooden floors down in there and maybe a new paint job on the walls.....if I can push my luck, lol.  So the room is temporarily put back together until the coffers replenish, lol.

So with all that waffle out of the way, I do have a very quick video tutorial for you today.  This video was recorded over 18 months ago now (hangs her head in shame!).  I know, I'm terrible.  I have been asked tonnes of time about binding on leather, fabric, soft covers etc., so I did in fact do a video on it at the time I was asked.....and then forgot all about it!  It wasn't until a month or so ago that I found it on my laptop and I had a bit of a "Slap on the forehead" moment.  I quickly edited it and did a dodgy voice over on it, so without further ado, here it is.....

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  1. Great tutorial. Hope your craft room is up and running soon!

  2. Thanks for sharing this useful tutorial of making soft cover wrap around book.It's has been great help for all the students.Love the way you have described the process.


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