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Flower Tutorial - Origami Lily Type Flower

This tutorial is heavily photograph based.  You need little more than some paper, glue and paper clips but there will be plenty of photographs to back up the instructions.  It is very easy to make, it just has a few steps to get it from a square piece of paper to a petal.  Sorry about the photos with my thumb nail showing!!  Its very long and has awful bumps to it as I caught it in a door when I was a wee one and it never grew right again.  It looks awful......looks like something out of Roald Dahl's The Witches!!  Its been duly cut and filed since!!
All you need is glue, wet glue is great but you can use hot glue too.  I just didn't have any that day.  If you use hot glue don't plaster the flower in the stuff, use sparingly and you also will have no need for the paper clips then.
Paper clips, if using a wet glue/pva

5 pieces of 3x3 inch paper.  Single sided or double....its up to you.  I used single sided but it looks lovely with double sided.  It needs to be paper rather than cardstock as the folds will become too difficult with card.
1. Fold paper into triangle
The following steps are for one of the petals of the flower.  You will need to repeat this process a further 4 times to make your flower.  Its a very easy flower to make and doesnt take long to make all the petals.
Take one piece of paper and fold it into a triangle.  You will be working with the single point of the triangle at the top at all times.  See photo 1.
2. Take one corner and fold up
3.  It should look like this
4.  Take your next side and fold up
5.  Your petal should now look like this
Take one corner of your triangle and fold it up to the top point of the triangle.  Do the same with the other side of the triangle and make sure your 2 sides meet evenly in the middle.  Make sure the creases are neat, use a bone folder for this if you wish.  See photos 2-5.
6.  Take the left panel and insert your finger into the pocket
7.  Flatten the piece down ensuring the fold line is centred
8.  It should look like this
9.  Do the same on the other side
10.  Your petal should look like this at this stage
At this stage, take on side of the folded edges and you should be able to slip your finger into the little pocket.  You need to flatten this down ensuring the previous crease line is in the middle.  You need to repeat this on the other side too.  See photos 6-10.  Your petal should now look like photo 10.
11.  Take the edge and fold back to paper line
12.  It should look like this
13.  Do the same with the other side
14.  Your petal now looks like this
Now you need to take the corner of one of the panels, see photo 11, and fold the tip back until it is level with the paper underneath.  Do this to the other side also.  See photos 11-14.
15.  Take bottom corner and fold at crease line
16. It should look like this
17.  Do the same at the other side
18.  Your petal will look like this
Now you need to take the bottom corner of one of the panels and fold it up to the crease line visible on the paper.  See photo 15.  Make sure the new fold is well creased, use a bone folder if you have one.  Do the same to the other side.
19.  Place glue on the outside 2 panels
20.  Carefully bring these 2 glued panels together and hold
21.  Wipe off any excess glue that comes out
22.  Take a paper clip to hold the 2 centre sides down.
23.  Place a paper clip to the bottom of the petal
Ok, you need to place glue on the 2 front panels you just folded.  See photo 19.
Carefully bring these 2 panels around to face each other and glue them to each other.  DO NOT PUT A CREASE IN THE BACK OF YOUR PETAL.  You need to glue the panels together whilst keeping the petals rounded shape.  Wipe off any excess glue that may spill out and hold the petal together for a brief moment.  See photos 20 and 21.

Take a paper clip, I use a longer one for the centre, and use it to hold the 2 middle parts of the petal together.  See photo 22.  

Place another smaller paper clip near the bottom of the petal to hold it together.  See photo 23.
24.  Pinch the petal to open it up
24.  Place glue to the front side of the petal
25.  Glue to another petal and use a long paper clip to hold.
Now that you have all petals complete and drying, its time to put your flower together.  By the time you have your last petal made and drying, your first petals should be ready to use.

Remove the paper clips from your first petal and slightly pinch your petal to give it a more rounded shape.  See photo 23.

Place glue at the side of your flower.  But not the whole side.  Just about half way between the front and the back of the flower.  See photo 24.  

Take your second petal and remove the paper clips and pinch it into shape.  Glue it side by side to the first petal.  Wipe off any excess glue and place a paper clip back into the petals to hold the both together.  See photo 25.
26.  Glue the rest of the petals together
27.  Once all petals are glued leave aside for the glue to dry
28.  Your flower centre will have a lace to insert bling or flower centre
Repeat this process with the rest of your petals, including the paper clips to hold together.  Once all together, leave to the side to try for 10-15 minutes before removing the paper clips.  You may decide to leave the flower as is, or decide to place some bling into the flower centre like I did.  See photos below.
29.  Side view with bling centre

And that is it.  A simple and easy flower to adorn any project like an altered box, frame, shelf or whatever you wish.  Its not the sort of flower to put on a card unless you were planning to make a box for the card that is.  It would be a beautiful flower made with off white paper with the old writing stamped onto it and the edges distressed with old paper distress ink.....ohhhh the options are endless!!

I hope you have fun making this flower and if you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to ask.  I'm more than happy to help.  Happy Crafting.  Loops xx

**ADDED NOTE - A few of you have asked about using smaller paper.  I havent tried it myself but I cant see why not.  Although if you go too much smaller, it may be a bit fiddly and difficult to bend the paper but by all means.....have a go.  xx

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