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Tutorial - how to make a box for your dimensional cards.

Ok, firstly I would like to thank all my followers and everyone who has been so kind and encouraging me with my Blog since its birth only a few weeks ago.  I am truly thankful.  And to the lovely Fiona Jennings for giving me the swift kick up the backside I needed to have a bit more faith in my abilities.  If anyone ever needs anything, would like me to make or create something for them, please use the contact me button at the top left hand side of my side bar.  Equally if there is something you don't know how to do or any query on a project and you would like me to do a tutorial, please do ask.  I love a challenge and if I am able to sort out an issue for you, well then thats one less problem.

This is how this box tutorial came about.  My lovely wee friend AngelPrudie from DoCrafts was a bit frustrated to say the least, with making a card box for her cards that had embellishments on it.  And as this card was too bulky for an envelope she wanted to make a box for it.  So after going through a ridiculous amount of card stock trying, she finally came to me and asked me to work it out.  If only she'd told me earlier.........we could have saved her card stock!!


This tutorial will give the measurements and formula for making a box for a 6x6inch square card.  HOWEVER....the formula I use to make this card is easily converted into other sized cards like 5x5, 8x8 etc.

For a 6x6 card you will need:
2 x A4 sheets of cardstock, white or patterned whichever you want for your box.
Hougie board*  Not essential though.....if you have an embossing tool & ruler, that works too
Glue or extra strong double sided tape
Bone folder - not essential
Ruler....preferably one that has both 8th's of an inch and 16th's of an inch marked on it.  Some rulers do not have 16th's of an inch on it.  If that is the case with your ruler, just remember 1/8th of an inch is equal to 2/16th's of an inch.  Therefore, if you need to find 1/16th of an inch, it will be in the middle of 1/8th and 2/8th's of an inch.


If your card is 6x6 inches you wont want your box to be exactly 6x6 as the card wont fit in, it will simply sit on top and this is NOT what we want.   So, I usually add on 1/4 inch which gives room for the card and embellishments.  Therefore you will want the card base to be:      6" 1/4 inches x 6" 1/4inches.  

Now this is just the measurement for the part the card actually sits on, you need sides to your base so don't cut anything yet, your box still needs sides.
Now you need to think about the depth of the card or how thick the box needs to be and add this onto the size of your card base. You obviously need it to be thick enough to fit the lid on and not squash flowers or embellishments you have on your card.  For the purposes of this tutorial I've decided to make my box 1/2 inch thick.

 But obviously you can add on whatever height you think you need.

 So because you have to add 1/2 inch onto the length and width of your cardstock to make all 4 sides 1/2 inch high, the amount of cardstock you will need in total is:
6" 1/4 inches (represents card base on all sides) + 1/2 inch (extra width of card cut) + 1/2 inch (extra length of card cut which gives you the 1/2 inch depth of box all round the 4 sides) which equals =
Sum again without words!!  6" 1/4 + 1/2 + 1/2 = 7" 1/4  inches
So you need a piece of cardstock measuring 7" 1/4 x 7" 1/4 inches for your base of your box.  So  go ahead and cut the base piece of cardstock and leave aside for now.

Now, obviously the lid has to be that fraction of a bit bigger than the base so that it can fit over the base.  I have calculated for a nice and secure fit, you only need to add 1/16th of an inch on the length and width of your cardstock to give a secure fitted lid.  So to make your lid we will take the measurement we had from the base, and add the extra that we need for the lid to fit.
So your base measurements were 7" 1/4 by 7" 1/4 inches.  But to add 1/16th of an inch onto the base size so it can be that little bit bigger, we have to convert the base measurements into 16th of an inch measurements so we can add the lids extra 1/16th of an inch.
So if your base size is 7" 1/4 by 7" 1/4 inches  then in 16th of inch measurements the lid size is converted to  7" 4/16th x 7" 4/16th inches (this is only the base size converted).
(Have a look at your ruler...this is how its converted 1" = 8x1/8th  1"=16x1/16th..... 1/4 of an inch = 2/8th's Which is 4/16th's so......)
So we want to add 1/16th of an inch to make the lid that little bit bigger, so take your converted base size and add 1/16th of an inch like this:  

 7 4/16th x 7 4/16th (reps length & width of base) + 1/16th (of an inch to make the lid bigger) = 7" 5/16 x 7" 5/16 inch. 

So.........your lid cardstock will measure 7" 5/16th x 7" 5/16th 

This formula can be used for any card size.  Just as long as you add on 1/4inch onto the card size for the base so your card fits in and whatever size you want for the height by 2 (reps length and width of card to cut).  Then your lid will be whatever the base size is plus 1/16th for length and width of the lid.

Right, so you have cut your 2 bits of card at 7" 1/4 inches x 7" 1/4 inches and your lid cut at 7" 5/16th x 7" 5/16th
So take one piece at a time and place it on your hougie board (or use a ruler and embossing yool.  Now remember we added 1/2 inch on for the depth of the box?  So, score each piece of carstock at 1/2 inch on all 4 sides of each piece.

So you now have both bits of cardstock scored on each side at 1/2 inch.  You will notice at each corner there is a little square.  You need to cut one of the lines down to the end of the little square.  It doesnt matter if you cut at the side or bottom, but for a sleek look cut all 4 slits in the wee squares the same at either the side or bottom.  See below.

So you are now left with these little tabs on all 4 corners of each bit of cardstock.  Fold them in towards the inside and using a bone folder or just your fingers, fold all the rest of the folds inwards, see below.

Make sure your little tabs are on the inside.  Now glue or strong DST time!!
 Place your glue or the strong DST to the small tab back so it butts up against the back of the box wall.  Line it up so you have a clean level box seam.

Once you have done this to all 4 sides of each bit of cardstock you now have a box base and lid that holds a 6x6inches card.

And thats it.  Easy as that!!!!  Once you get your head around the maths it really is very simple.  And remember, you can use this formula for any sized card....give it a go.  You can obviously decorate it any way you want or use patterned cardstock instead of plain whit card.
If you want to make the lid a little easier to open, use a circle punch at each side of the lid to cut a little semi-circle thumb lift.  This makes the lid a little easier to open.

And if you would like to make your box a bit more decorative,  before you glue the sides together you could cut a decorative aperture window into the centre of your lid and put acetate behind it.  Then tape up the sides as directed and you have a beautiful box with an aperture acetate window.

I hope this has been an informative tutorial and should you have any questions, please leave a comment or send me a message via my contact button at the left top side of my side bar.  Thanks for looking.  Loops xx


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