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Wedding Photo Albums

Wedding Photo Albums
Hey my little Loopy Loo's. is not an illusion.  Yes....I really am here to show you something.  A project....a real live project, Yippeeeee!  I have said in recent posts (not that bloody recent Loops....Jeez) that my brother, Jay got married to the beautiful Karen at the end of July this year. Well, my gift to them both was to make, well......... everything that could possibly be hand made, lol.  Everything I made was mine and Scrubby Loops's present to them.  Mind you........I don't exactly remember Scrubby Loops adding double sided tape to hundreds of metres of ribbon or embossing 100 favour boxes....not once, but twice.  He got out of that one easy, didn't he? lol.

But.....yet being me........I forgot to take photos of everything I made.  So that is why I have yet to put up a blog post about their Wedding makes that was away back in July.  I am a little numpty and a ridiculous blogger.  Honestly, what sort of blogger/Crafter forgets to take photos of their creations?  Crafty Loops........that's who.

Anyway, I'm gathering what photos I can find and doing my best to come up with some sort of blog post for everything I 've made.  But in the meantime, I can show you the photo albums I've made.  These 2 albums are gifts for my parents and Karen's parents, from Jay and Karen for Christmas (my wee Mammy better not look at my blog!!).  Karen wants to add wedding photos to a photo album for each set of parents, so she asked if I'd make the albums.  I made both albums the same, so Karen didn't have the uncomfortable task of choosing who gets which one, lol.  I just hope she likes the one I did make, lol.  Here they are......

I made a recess in the album cover and inserted a black and white photo of both Karen and Jay and protected it with acetate. The photo was taken by Melissa Johnson who was their photographer.  She was amazing on their big day. (I cannot link to her site as it is no longer in service). I simply edited the photo on my laptop to make it black and white. I felt the black and white looked much better against the white of the album cover. Again, I used Black card stock from the Paper Mill Direct.  Jay and Karen's Wedding Day was extremely sunny and warm so I thought the black card would really show off the beautiful bright photos.
I love the gorgeous Skivertex that I used to cover the album with.  It has a leather grained type texture to it, its stunning. And it is a very sturdy material so it should last for years and years.  It comes in 130cm long by 42 cm wide lengths so you get a tonne for your money.  It's a perfect material to use in bookbinding and mini albums because the back takes wet glue really well and I have had no problems with the glue seeping through to the front.  The material is a lovely thickness and very easy to cut too.  I have loved using it. If you want to get your hands on some, (link no longer available). Its from an Ebay shop called "the velvet paper shop".(Link to Elaine's shop no longer available).  I'm not associated with any of the links or shops I've mentioned.  I just like to buy from them, lol.

The die cuts were from the Spellbinders Labels 28 die which I purchased on Ebay.  I used black cardstock from The Paper Mill.  The Purple Card stock is from PDA cards and Crafts.  The gold lettering believe it or not, is a gorgeous set of rub on's I bought from The Works.  Sadly they don't appear to have them in stock on their online store right now, but they may be in your local store.  The purple ribbon was bought on Ebay and the gold ribbon was in my stash (in fact I think Maddy may have given it to me...Thanks Madster, lol!).  The flat back pearls are from Meiflower (link no longer available).
I was conscious of the fact that these albums would most likely be stored on a book shelf or something similar so I didn't want to heavily embellish the cover because being taken in and out of a shelf would mean embellishments might have a tendency to fall off or get tatty looking.  Plus, Karen likes clean, modern and simple so I tied them in with everything else that I made for the wedding.  I promise....the Wedding creations post will be coming soon...most likely in the New Year.  Sorry about the glare on the photo but its impossible to take a photo when there is acetate involved, lol.
All wrapped up...I wrapped the albums in beautiful thick crepe paper and then twisted the purple and gold ribbon around each other and tied it in a bow around the albums.  Voila.  Merry Christmas to both sets of Parents!
Yippee!  And that is it. My job is done here, lol.  One Wedding......Done.  I have a video tutorial coming up shortly just to show how I made the cover and inserted a recess window in it.  It's very simple but I know that I will get some questions about how it was made.  So as soon as I get that edited, it will be up on here and my YouTube channel too.

Have a very Merry Christmas or whatever holiday it is you like to celebrate and I will see you all in the New's hoping anyway, because this year I was abysmal at creating and blogging...please forgive me...blub blub...

Toodles Noodles......Loops xx
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  1. Classy Album Lee! I love the recess & appreciate you choosing not to add lots of embellishments. An album like this will be handled a lot, so even if you placed the album in a box to protect the embellishments, they would eventually look worn.
    I completely understand the lack of photos. So many times I make things for a loved ones special event & get so wrapped up in the timing, them & the event, that I forget I might want to have photos of what I have made to show others. Theresa x

  2. Fantastic gift! Have a wonderful Christmas! (Better late than never with blog posts!)

  3. What a gorgeous album, Lee!! It looks fabulous!! I hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas and happy holiday season!!

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  4. Stunning Lee what a gorgeous Keepsake. Hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and look forward to seeing more of you in blog land soon. Love Alison and Family xx

  5. Ooooo I love the look of that Skivertex! I need to check that out! I actually have a wedding coming up in march so maybe I will add one of these to the gift to incorporate my love for books.;) I am aiming to make a throw sized wedding ring quilt with white smashing their guest can leave messages on with a fabric marker. Very intimidated by the thought of making but I will try. Making the book will give me a fun break from the quilt! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Such a gorgeous keepsake, well done you. Happy new year to you too, xxxx

  7. Lovely album! Thanks for hopping by my blog! :)


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