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Craft Product Reviews

Hey everyone.  Here on this page I will give you a detailed review of craft tools, products and anything craft related that I like to use.  This page is still under construction and will be undated regularly, so do keep popping back every so often to check out what I'm up to.  If I happen to be given a craft items to review by a craft company, I will state this either in the relevant blog post or on this page and I will ALWAYS give my honest opinion, be it good, bad or ugly. I do not believe in giving good reviews for freebies, as that defeats the purpose of a review in the first place.  I won't just feed you with stuff that the craft company wants to hear.  I will NEVER recommend a craft product that I am not completely and 100% behind.  So here you'll find honest and frank reviews on craft tools, products and items that I have and use.  Unless stated otherwise, these are all items bought and paid for by me.

Review dated 19th October 2013

Hey folks.  I'm here today to do a review on a product called Thermomorph. I was approached by David from Thermomorph who asked me would I like to review their product.  So, being the crafter that I am.....of course I want to try out a new craft product!

This review is completely HONEST and I have not been asked to give a biased review.  This is my personal opinions on this product and I would never promote an item unfairly.  So everything you are about to see as honest as I can be.  Here is the relevant information about Thermomorph that you might need.

Product Name: Thermomorph
Price: £19.95rrp (Actually as of todays date (20/10/13) this is priced at £17.95...Grab it quick!!)
Size: 500 grams
Material: Polymorph granules
They did sell their product on Amazon but as of May 2020, Im not sure if they are still selling it.  However, a similar product you can find on Amazon is Polymorph and Coolmorph.  This is a great product, very versatile and useful.

Here is my video where I show you me using the product for the first time and how I got on with it.


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