Saturday, 23 July 2011

I was awarded The Sweet Blog Award by the Lovely Dawn

Yeah!!!!  Look what I was awarded with.  Thank you so much Dawn, you can find Dawn's beautiful blog here.  Thank you so much, its a big honour for me to get this being very new to blogging.

One of the rules is to thank the person who nominated you.  Ive done that.

Next Ive to tell you 7 things you dont know about me!  Oh this could be giving away too many secrets!!

The other is to nominate 7 other blogs to give the award to which I will do next Friday 29th of July.

Right 7 facts about me!!

1.  Im 5"8inches tall,
2.  I was awarded Sports Person of the Year when I was 14,
3.  I manage to get up to mischief and into trouble wherever I go, not sure thats a fact that isnt known about                me!!!
4.  I hate onions with a passion,
5. I am allergic to wasps......terrible incident 2 years ago with my thumb, a wasp and being rushed to A&E!!
6.  I make amazing desserts, banoffee, cakes....ohhhh my pavlova is to die for if I do say so myself,
7.  Im 21 years older than my youngest brother!!

Thats about it from me today, Im off blog hopping.  Thank you so much again to the very kind Dawn for this award, Im very chuffed.

Loops xx


  1. Congratulations Lee,well done xx

  2. Congrats on your award Lee.

  3. Well done - just spent a long time browsing your blog - it's great! Thanks for becoming one of my followers - I have joined you too!
    happy blogging.

  4. Hi Lee

    I have just found your blog and wow how much inspiration from just a few weeks of blogging!

    I have become a follower and cant wait to see what comes next


    Sam x

  5. wow congrats ... such a lovely award ... looks a great desert lol .. such as banoffee, pie and pavlova, lol ... happy crafting love sandy xx

  6. Lol! Well posted! You're very welcome! Wish I could have some of your pavlova!
    Dawn xx


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